A List Of Major Controversies Shah Rukh Khan And His Family Had To Go Battle Before The Aryan Khan Drugs Party Case

Shah Rukh Khan is undoubtedly one of the most loved and respected personalities in the movie industry not just in India but also globally. The man has worked incredibly hard all his life to give himself and his family the kind of luxury lifestyle that they are blessed with today. His cult fan following is such that SRK, today has reached that stage in his career where his stardom certainly doesn’t depend on box office reports.
When you are a popular personality in a country like India, the media attention and glare is always on you and this sometimes results in situations avoidable in normal situations. It’s also very difficult to keep away from controversies when you are the biggest star in the country and SRK is no different. So today, we point out a few major controversies which SRK and his family had to go through before the Aryan Khan case as per reports in ‘Bollywood Life’.
Wankhede Stadium Ban: Shah Rukh Khan had taken his children and few other kids to Wankhede Stadium to show them a match of KKR Vs MI. However, things went horribly wrong when he got involved in a verbal tussle with one of the security guards out there since he felt they were manhandling the children. Later, SRK held a press conference and the controversy died a natural death
Shirish Kunder Slap Gate Controversy: There were several media reports that suggested that long back, Shah Rukh Khan and Farah Khan’s husband Shirish Kunder apparently had a physical fight in Sanjay Dutt’s party. None of the stars came out to give concrete confirmation statements to justify any of the speculations and that died a natural death as well. Even today, Farah Khan continues to be a dear friend of Shah Rukh Khan.
Abram Khan Birth Controversy: Around the time of Abram Khan’s birth, media reports were full of speculations around Abram. The controversy started to get unnecessarily so big that SRK had to troll a media reporter during a Chennai Express event when he was asked about the same. In a savage way, SRK had mentioned, “This is about getting on the train baby, not my baby.”
Gauri Khan Berlin Airport Incident: Several media reports claimed that apparently Gauri Khan was held at Berlin airport many years back for illegal possession of marijuana. However, Gauri had later refuted those rumors saying that she doesn’t even care about such reports at present.
Well, without an iota of doubt, the Khan family has certainly gone through a lot in the past. Here’s hoping things get better for them soon. For more updates, stay tuned to
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