Action point: Instantly empty Gmail storage, delete old email at once

New Delhi Every day we receive many such emails on Gmail, which are of no use to us. If we don’t delete them in time, thousands of emails accumulate on sight. These emails are mostly spam mail or sent by marketing-advertising companies. These mails are of no use to us. Also, many emails have large files attached, which take up a lot of space. In such a case, we do not receive new emails when the space is full.

It is worth noting that Google gives 15GB of storage on Gmail to all its users. Its more storage will cost you money every month, so we tell you how you can easily delete old and large file emails and get rid of storage stress.

Delete multiple emails at once
Deleting emails one by one is a bit difficult and takes a lot of time. In such a case, it would be better if you delete the mail with large attachment first. To remove emails with large attachments, you can search them by size, date and more, and delete them all at once.

All you have to do is select all the emails you want to delete. Then click on the delete icon. You can also select all emails and delete the ones you want to keep to save your time. After the process is complete, you have to go to the Trash section and tap on the Empty Recycle Bin option here.

How much will you pay for more storage?
Users who want to purchase a new Google One plan for more storage. Google offers three plans for them. For this, Google offers basic, standard and premium plans to its users. In India, Google is offering 100GB of storage at Rs 35 per month (discounted price) under the Basic plan.

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The standard plan costs you Rs 52 per month and offers 200GB of storage, while the premium plan costs Rs 162 per month and offers 2TB of storage. Please note that this is a discounted price. The original price of Google One plan is Rs 130, Rs 210 and Rs 650 respectively.

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