Air Movie Review: Players’ participation in sports business starts from here, Affleck and Damon’s excellent movie

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12 May 2023


It is true that the era of biopic is passing in world cinema. But, despite this, films should be made on people who have done something in one field or the other that has changed the future of a larger community. One such name in the world of sports is that of John Paul Vincent Vaccaro, whom people call Sunny. Sunny laid the foundation for player participation in the sports business. This is the person who convinced Michael Jordan, the legendary player of the world of basketball and sports, to go beyond all the rules and become the face of the Nike company. The result of this man’s efforts is that Michael Jordan earns nearly $400 million a year in sales of Air Jordans, a line of Nike products bearing his name. Air, released on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, is an inspiring story of how to achieve this feat. After a long time, OTT There is such a movie to watch, which once you start watching, you will not want to leave it in the middle and wake up.

Air Movie 2023 Review In Hindi By Pankaj Shukla Prime Video Matt Damon Ben Affleck Viola Davis Michael Jordan

Air review
-Photo: Amar Ujala Bureau, Mumbai

The story of competition between shoe companies

When the movie ‘Hawa’ starts, it tells that in the year 1984, the market share of the shoe manufacturing company Nike is continuously decreasing. There is a lot of buzz in the company that they don’t have a famous face to attract the youth towards their products. As much as the company’s marketing budget is, efforts are on to rope in three to four emerging players as company ambassadors. That is why Sunny Vaccaro has proposed to spend this entire budget on signing a budding player, Michael Jordan. Nike management is furious at his suggestion that Sunny go out to meet Michael Jordan’s parents. Whatever happens next, it’s a must-see for anyone trying to achieve something in life on their own. The film tells that success does not come from staying within the limits and if success is water then one has to take risks.

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Air Movie 2023 Review In Hindi By Pankaj Shukla Prime Video Matt Damon Ben Affleck Viola Davis Michael Jordan

Air review
-Photo: Amar Ujala Bureau, Mumbai

The pairing of Affleck and Damon

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s friendship stories have been very popular in Hollywood. The two are here together in this film and this is the first time that Ben Affleck is directing his friend Damon. The two together won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for the film ‘Goodwill Hunting’. Both of them had also worked in this film. Both came together for the film ‘The Last Duel’ two years ago. This movie was written by both of them together. Affleck won his second Oscar for Best Picture for his directorial debut Argo, while Damon has been nominated for three more Oscars for his performance. The film ‘Hawa’ is also the first film of two friends’ production company Artist Equity.

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Air Movie 2023 Review In Hindi By Pankaj Shukla Prime Video Matt Damon Ben Affleck Viola Davis Michael Jordan

Air review
-Photo: Amar Ujala Bureau, Mumbai

Very inspiring story

The film ‘Air’ is a biopic on Sunny Vaccaro, who laid the foundation of sportsmanship in the world of sports by bringing in Michael Jordan for Nike. And, Michael Jordan’s mother took it upon herself to explain this to the sports industry. The dialogue between Matt Damon as Sunny Vaccaro and Viola Davis as Michael’s mother is one of the film’s funniest moments. Not only do these scenes nurture faith in humanity, but these scenes are also indicative of man’s strong faith as well as his need to stay connected to the land. Sunny Vaccaro is convinced that sharing Michael Jordan’s future with his parents could put his job in jeopardy, but he also knows that once a man becomes successful, the same rules apply as he did on this path. It was broken while walking. When Oscar winner Viola Davis insists on negotiating a better future for her son, there is no pride on her face. She just comes across as a mother who is proud of what her son is capable of and knows that her son deserves it.

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Air Movie 2023 Review In Hindi By Pankaj Shukla Prime Video Matt Damon Ben Affleck Viola Davis Michael Jordan

Air review
-Photo: Amar Ujala Bureau, Mumbai

This film will make a splash at the Oscars

The film stars Jason Batesman, Chris Messina, Marlon Wayans, Chris Tucker, Matthew Maher, Gustaf Skarsgård and Julius Tenen, and Ben Affleck himself as Nike CEO Phil Knight. Affleck made a great movie ‘Air’ with this amazing cast. Although a very mediocre web series ‘Dahad’ released on Prime Video in Hindi this week, a movie like ‘Hawa’ on this OTT will brighten up your weekend. The film has gone OTT just a month after its theatrical release and is set to rock the Oscars and its first Golden Globe Awards next year. The film is also technically remarkable. Its entire background is designed according to its time. The cinematography is panoramic and the songs are so emotional and inspiring!

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