Akash Chowdhary – A Bright #1 Instagram influencer makes his debut in the Prayagraj web series

Akash Chowdhary aka Deep Chowdhary is a Tik Tok star known for his acting and other skills. Thanks to his Shayaris based creative videos on social media platforms such as Instagram, he is able to provide various views for the videos he continues to share on this platform. He was born and raised in Lucknow and loved acting from an early age. His passion soon found the right platform called Tik Tok, which gave him the opportunity to become a star with his amazing videos. He is also nominated as an actor for the upcoming web series “Pyarag Raj”, which his fans are looking forward to.

Akash Chowdhary to Soon Work in Prayagraj Web Series

Akash Chowdhary

Akash Chowdhary, a self-made actor, is on cloud nine as his web series Prayagraj is coming soon on the OTT platform. To our surprise, Akash Chowdhary, who is a famous Tik-Tok star, then got the opportunity to work with the best actors in Bollywood like Mukesh Tiwari, Deepraj Rana and Arham Abasi.

His Popularity is shining on YouTube

Like on YouTube, you can find some videos dedicated to Attitude Shayari as he is from Uttar Pradesh which makes him an attractive soul who has a good understanding of poetry and uses digital means to distribute content to his fans. With an extraordinary talent for creating funny and dynamic content, he is able to impress many viewers on the web landscape, which helps him thrive on social media.

Akash Chowdhary with huge social followers on Social Media Platforms

Most of his Shayaris went viral and some of them even had more than 30 million views. Today he had over 160,000 followers when he was very young and not even in his twenties. He is a phenomenal man on the web, which keeps his fans looking forward to his next video, which is both fun and amazing. He also improves his acting skills with regular videos on his YouTube channel. This helped him take on a role in a web series that he would soon announce.

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