Arun Gaikwad Met Saint Shree Morari Bapu

Arun Gaikwad – A Very Famous Tabla Player in the Mumbai, apart from Tabla, Arun Gaikwad also plays various instruments such as Dholak, Dhol, Cajon, Congo, Djeme, Darbuka, Handsonic, and so on..

In our recent interview with Arun Gaikwad, we came to know one interesting fact about him that Arun is not only an Artist by Profession but he is Very Spiritual Person too. He has performed in front of many Saints, Sadhu Mahatmas at their Aashrams and everywhere. When we asked Arun to share his experience with any Saints, he told us about his Meet with Shree Morari Bapu.

Know Who is Morari Bapu ?

Morari Bapu is an Indian Spiritual Leader and is World Famous for narrating Shree Ram Katha. Likewise, one of Bapu’s devottee had organized Shree Ram Katha at Amreli District of Gujarat. Arun was Invited there by his Beloved Friend & Popular Bhajanik Tejdan Gadhvi.

There were many other Known & Unknown Artists also present at that place. Arun said “It was best experience of my life. I was so happy performing in front of Shree Morari Bapu. Not only me, but everyone enjoyed & loved my performance. After our performance, We packed up our Instruments and were going back towards our car.

At that exact time, I heard someone coming from behind and asking us to stop for a moment. We stopped and asked him what happened gentleman ? We noticed that he was Bapu’s devottee. He came and asked “Who was playing Tabla Inside ?” I came in front and said “It’s Me. I was playing tabla there. What happened sir ?” He said “Bapu has called you and wants to meet you.”

That moment was like there is nothing beneath my feet and I am floating over 7th sky. I immediately went back with that gentleman and bowed down to Bapu. Bapu blessed me by putting his hand on my head and said “You Are Very Good Tabla Player & Played Amazing Today.” Not only this but Bapu has also Felicitated me by his most favorite Shawl which he offers to only those artists whom he likes a lot. And it was like My Dream Came True.”

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Source: The Indian Saga

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