Aaham Review: ‘Aaham’ becomes big screen version of ‘Crime Patrol’, big challenge to get audiences to theaters

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Movie review

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Hride Singh, Divya Malik, Varun Suri, Pushpinder Singh and Amit Balaji etc.

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Mahesh Kumar and Hirde Singh


Ankit Hans

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Richa Gupta


26 May 2023


Crime shows have a huge audience of their own. When ‘Crime Patrol’ started on Sony channel, seeing the popularity of this show, all the channels started crime shows. The movie ‘Auham’ is also a story of the same tone, but first of all it is important to know what is the meaning of ‘Auham’? ‘Auham’ means creating illusion. In the movie ‘Drishyam’ and its sequel, the way Ajay Devgn and the police play out, the story of the movie ‘Aham’ is exactly the same.

The story of the movie ‘Auham’ begins with a couple named Shiva and Riya who run away from home to marry each other. Shiva’s friend helps them elope and get married. After a few years of marriage, Shiva’s wife suddenly disappears somewhere. Shiva goes to the police to file a missing report of his wife, and from there begins a police investigation on the lines of the Crime Patrol. During the investigation, the police came to know that Shiva’s friend has also been missing since the day his wife went missing. The police also suspect his friend but Shiva is not convinced that his friend can do such an act. The story also has an angle of forward and backward castes.

By the way, in the films being made these days and even earlier, the image of the Uttar Pradesh Police has been shown in a bad light. But in the movie ‘Aham’, an attempt has been made to show a good image of the state police. The specialty of the film is that it slowly unfolds its leaves. The director of the film, Ankit Hans, has tried to keep in mind that the suspense of the film remains intact till the end. The weakest aspect of the film is that the film has managed to reach the number of theaters and there is no attraction in front of the audience to come to the theaters to watch it.

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