Babbu Maan Spotted Shooting For Adab Punjabi 2

Babbu Maan a Famous Punjabi SInger Spotted Shooting Adab Punjabi Volume 2, people shared shooting pics on Instagram.

Experienced Punjabi singer and songwriter Babu Maan is perhaps one of the most popular artists in the Punjabi industry of all time. Singers and actors have a loyal fan base that few artists can only imagine. So that every project related to the contractor automatically becomes hot news.

The veteran artist was recently spotted filming his upcoming project. Babu Maan was seen wearing traditional clothes and was arrested with other people wearing similar clothes. Fans suspect that the artist’s outfit must be a sign that something is coming from the artist’s side. But not sure what an artist is up to, maybe a song, album, or film?

Babbu Maan Shooting For Punjabi Adab 2
Babbu Maan Spotted Shooting For adab punjabi 2 Wearing BLack Pajama Kurta

Is this the most awaited Adab Punjabi Vol 2? Babbu Maan Fan Asks

The most likely answer to this question is “Adab Punjabi Vol 2”. The singer published Punjabi Adab on his YouTube channel 7 months ago. In the video description, the singer added that the artist was able to write really big songs due to a long time for blocking.

He also explained that many volumes of Punjabi Adab were published by the artist. And now fans suspect that the filming of Adab Punjabi Volume 2 is in progress.

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