Badshah Announces collaboration with Bachpan Ka Pyaar Fame Kid

The popular rapper Badshah who is world famous for his fantastic and super hit songs, is now ready to follow the viral trend of “Bachpan Ka Pyaar”.

Badshah has officially announced his collaboration with Sahdev Drdo, whose video of him singing Bachpan Ka Pyaar became popular on various social media platforms. Badshah put it on his Instagram account and shared a photo with the child who had the virus. In the photo, the two are seen smiling and excited. share photos on his Instagram Handle @badboyshah

Over the internet, Badshah plans to feature Sahdev in his upcoming song, and the news will eventually be confirmed by Badshah himself. Recently, a video of him and Aastha Gill and Rico starring in Hitach’s remix of Bachpan Ka Pyaar went viral and went viral on Instagram.

Viral boy Baspan Ka Pyar got perfect music and video editing, Badshah shared it on social media

And now that the popular rapper and guy who’s been going crazy on social media have finally joined hands, fans are excited to see the results. We hope to reveal more details about this project to Badshah soon.

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