Blood Cancer Patient: Two innocent children are looking for their mother, their mother is near death

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Jaipur. A very painful case is Zere’s treatment at a private cancer hospital in the city. The sad thing is that Rajeshwari has a dangerous type of blood cancer, which is called acute myeloid leukemia in medical language. This disease is very dangerous. Earlier there was no cure for it, but now it cannot be cured, but can be controlled with rest.

As far as Rajeshwari is concerned, she is in her first phase. If it is treated on time, the results can be in favor of the patient, but fighting this problem is not so easy. Treatment of this disease is very expensive. Rajeshwari’s husband bore the expenses of her treatment for some time. But when the husband found out that his wife was suffering from blood cancer, he divorced her and left her to die. Both their innocent children are wandering in the absence of support. Their livelihood is a problem.

His mother’s condition is such that she is not able to speak anything. She opens her eyes a little after repeated grunts, but she is not giving any other answer. Sometimes he feels that he has fallen behind in the battle of life. Every day he is afraid, today is the last day. Nervous, wanting to say something. But the angel of death has surrounded. He can be transported to another world at any time.

About Rajeshwari’s silence, doctors say that the patient is semi-conscious. Sometimes she wants to signal with hand gestures that she wants to bring her children close to me, to hug them. But people are not understanding his feelings properly. He had taken both the children with him two days ago. Then his hands moved. There were definitely tears in her eyes. As far as the children’s question is concerned, Renu’s nose sample has gone to his mother.

Raja Devi has a round face. The round eyes are adorned with a deep red dot and just above it are ashes brought from a place of worship. Rajeshwari’s worst days began with high fever. None of the drugs were working. After a few days, his skin turned yellow. The blood count was continuously decreasing. When he was taken to the hospital, the doctors took immediate action and got him tested immediately. A variety of tests were performed.

Four or five hours later, he was diagnosed with blood cancer. Rajeshwari realized that she had fallen victim to a fatal disease. But he was not able to show his heartache. The behavior of Rajeshwari’s husband was very shameful. When the issue of financial arrangements came up, they backed down. First of all he stopped coming to the hospital. Later a legal notice of divorce was served. This helpless person lying in the middle of the swing was taken care of by his old parents. Selling household goods. But this could only manage one day’s ration.

Before fainting she used to say that I am not afraid of death. But both children were worried. After all, there must be someone to wipe the tears. Then whether these tears are of humans or animals, they are shed only when there is great pain in the heart. The same pain at every turn but why? Isn’t he crazy about Rajo?

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