Breaking News: Lahu Di Awaaz Removed From Youtube, Following Copyright Claim By Meetii Kalher

The latest breaking news is that the controversial song Lahu Di Awaaz has been removed from YouTube. from Meetii Kalher for using their images in the song’s music video. When opening the song on Youtube, the only thing that appears on the screen is that the song has been removed by Meetii Kalher due to a copyright claim.

Simran Kaur Dhadli’s most recent song, “Lahu Di Awaaz,” turned out to be the most controversial of the year, and while many people and celebrities endorsed the song, it angered many too. She openly criticized the song for “embarrassing the whore” and defied Simiran’s ideology in the song.

Meetii Kalher Shared Updates Regarding Lahu Di Awaaz Take Down

On Instagram to confirm that the claim was submitted by her. By sharing a screenshot of the deleted song and its copyright claim, Meetii wrote that she generally has no problem with Punjabi songs and ideologies, but if she uses her pictures or videos you will have to pay him.

In the follow-up story, she also said that she was not interested in starting a controversy with Simran Kaur Dhadli. She added that Simiran could make 100 versions of the song and it would not affect her, but if her videos and photos are used the artist must ask permission beforehand.

The influencer ended her message to the singer, it was predicted that due to copyright laws, the song could be removed by any of the influencers whose videos or photos were used in the song, and the speculation turned out to be true.

Although the song is hugely controversial and currently not even available on Youtube, Simiran is preparing for a sequel. In one of her Instagram stories, the singer revealed that she is writing Lahu Di Awaaz 2 and that it would be out soon.

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