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Chobbar Review: Jay Randhawa’s Latest Film Public View’s, Release Date and more

Chobbar is a 2022 Indian Punjabi family drama directed by Maneesh Bhatt. Starring Jay Randhawa, Guri Ghuman and Drishty Talwar. This film was produced by KV Dhillon. It is officially launched on 11 November 2022 under the Geet MP3 banner.

ActorJay Randhawa, Guri Ghuman, Drishty Talwar
DirectorManeesh Bhatt
ProducerKV Dhillon
WriterDheeraj Kedarnath Rattan
CompanyGret MP3, GK Digital
GenresAction Drama
Release Date11th November 2022
Running Time2h 5m
IMDb Rating7.8

Chobbar: Real Review from the Audience

Comprised of more than just lead actor Jayy Randhawa reliving his MTV stuntmania days, Chobbar looks like a true team effort covering all facets of filmmaking. That’s not to say other films aren’t made with sincerity, but its presence is quite visible on the cinema screen. Luckily, Chobbar made it past the first hurdle around the attempt.

Speaking of execution, Maneesh Bhatt’s first feature film directing debut did justice to the film-turned-director not appearing under the bicycle stunt scene. Overall, Chobbar gets rich treatment during its 116-minute runtime. This adds to the wit of an action movie.

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Acting and Star Cast

Coming back to Randhawa, in the film his character Saabi plays various roles as a pizza deliveryman, stuntman, and robber. Credit must go to Randhawa for pulling off all this with such confidence, great depth and variety, and managing to leave an indelible impression. Randhawa is seen and supported by Chaabi (Madu Mathu) in his many missteps in the film. He enjoys the support of an actor who rarely disappoints, moreover he has a solid character.

Even so, debutant Drishti Talwar emerged as Par as the biggest surprise in Chobbar. With solitary dialogue in the few trailers released by the makers, Talwar slyly and domineeringly calls the shots throughout the film. Happy to not only play the love interest of the male lead in his first Punjabi film, it’s safe to say Talwar made the opportunity worthwhile.

While background music usually plays a role in increasing the stakes in action movies, Chobbar’s title track deserves credit in this aspect. Music composed by Showkidd, written by Jaggi Jagowal and sung by Jordan Sandhu, the song really does the trick.

KV Dhillon, who has been producing films regularly, seems to have created his own world with Geet MP3. With Ronak Joshi starting Lover and Talwar on Chobbar about four months from now, it will be very interesting to watch Dylan’s next film cast as producer.

Chobbar’s famous dialogue from the film went viral

Multi-talented artist Jayy Randhawa shared a short promotional audio dialogue of his upcoming film, titled Chobbar, on his social media yesterday.

As a true teaser, a short but interesting dialogue promo ahead of the three films’ official posters added to the excitement among fans.


As the title suggests, Chobbar has always been an adrenaline junkie based film. While the first and second posters of the film clearly indicated that it was a motorcycle stunt, the latter emphasized the presence of negative elements associated with the lead actor in Randhawa.

Sitting in the driver’s seat and looking back out the window next to him, Randhawa (who starred in and as the film) appears to have left the gypsy or police checkpoint (visible in the rearview mirror) on the poster.

With the film slated for release on October 21 this year, the makers have both provided details on the concept and are hiding exactly what kind of build Chobbar needs right now. Written and directed by Dheeraj Rattan and Manila Rattan and Maneesh Chandra Bhatt respectively, Chobbar is one of six Punjabi films to be released in the last quarter of 2022.


Jayy Randhawa
Drishty Talwar
Guri Ghuman

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Overall Review Based on Story and Reviews

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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