Competition always encouraged me: Mohammad Nayem, CEO Yeager Digital

Mohammad Nayem is 19 years old and belongs from the country with the world’s largest river delta, that is Bangladesh. He is a Social Media Influencer and Web Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and Content Creator. He has gained immense success in the field he was ambitious at. He has the mind of a businessman but he also wanted to enlighten people over a few things he thinks are important for them to understand. That’s when he entered the field of social media influencer and Content Creator. He is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of Bangladesh.

Marketing is a big deal.

He says before you create any content you need to figure out how you will market it in the first place. Being a digital marketer and content creator himself he believes in overlooking these factors. He mentioned it’s necessary to create content that the audience wants and will like more. But marketing it is a big deal.

Mohammad Nayem CEO of Yeager Digital.

Mohammad Nayem is a human with multiple skills. And he is excelling in every field. He himself being an influencer, content creator digital marketer tried his hands in the field of business.

He is the founder and CEO of Yeager Digital. A full service digital media agency Company, that partners with clients to boost their business outcomes. His companies come in the list of the top most companies of Bangladesh.

Competition is always good.

Nayem believes in healthy Competition. He says that if one has good competition it encourages them to do even better and bring the best outcome.

At the peak of his career his company still has clients that belong to the same field as him. Still they give their best try to bring out the best of it and boost the business outcomes.

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