Delhi Weather: June begins with pleasant weather in Delhi

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New Delhi It was a relatively cool and overcast day in the early June in the national capital.

According to the Safdarjung Observatory, the minimum temperature was recorded at 20.6 degrees Celsius, which is six degrees below the normal. The India Meteorological Department said cloudy skies, light rain and gusty winds are likely during the day. The maximum temperature may be around 35 degrees Celsius.

The month of May was the coldest in Delhi this time in the last 36 years. The average maximum temperature in May was recorded at 36.8 degrees Celsius due to heavy rainfall, the IMD said on Wednesday. Kuldeep Srivastava, head of the regional forecasting center of the India Meteorological Department (IMD), said that the average maximum temperature in Delhi was In May 1987, the temperature was recorded at 36 degrees Celsius.

“The average maximum temperature in May this year was 36.8 degrees Celsius, the lowest since 1987,” he said. Delhi recorded maximum temperatures above 40 degrees on only nine days in May. And some parts of the city only stayed for two days. “The Safdarjung Observatory did not record a single day of heat wave in the pre-monsoon season this year,” Srivastava said. This has happened for the first time since 2014.

The temperature recorded at the Safdarjung Observatory is considered the official temperature of the city. May is generally warm with an average maximum temperature of 39.5 degrees Celsius. 111 mm rainfall has been recorded in May this year, which is 262 percent more than the long-term average of 30.7 mm.

According to IMD data, the month of May received 165 mm of rainfall in 2008, 144.8 mm in 2021 and 129.3 mm in 2002, making it the fourth year that May has received the most rainfall. It is assumed to be the cause. Described as Western Disturbance.

“Usually in April and May, northern plains record five to six western disturbances. This time, we saw 10 western disturbances, mostly strong,” said Srivastava. However, we cannot link it to climate change due to lack of data.

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