Dhoom: Humble Films Unveils Gripping Trailer for Malayalam Suspense Thriller

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New Delhi: Hombley Films, one of the leading production houses in the Indian film industry, has released the much-anticipated trailer of their upcoming suspense thriller ‘Dhoom’. The trailer offers an interesting glimpse into the intense world of the film, leaving the audience eager for more.

Written and directed by Pawan Kumar, known for hit films like ‘Lucia’ and ‘U-Turn’ and produced by Vijay Kiragandur under the banner Homble Films, ‘Dhoom’ stars Fahadh Faasil, Aparna Balamurali, Achyut There are many actors including Kumar. , Roshan Mathew, Vineet Radhakrishnan, Anu Mohan, Joy Mathew and Nandhu.

‘Dhoom’ marks the debut of Humble Films in the Malayalam film industry and the next big release after the blockbuster success of Rajakumara, ‘KGF’ series and ‘Kantara’. The film is originally in Malayalam and will be released in over 300 screens in Kerala alone, ensuring wide reach to a diverse audience.

This approach highlights the production house’s commitment to deliver quality cinema across the southern region.

Check out the trailer here:

In ‘Dhoom’, Avi (Fahad) and Diya (Aparna) embroil themselves in a race against time. Danger lurks around every corner and ghosts of the past are nearby, threatening their very existence. As the lines between heroes and villains begin to blur, they must face their deepest fears and make unimaginable sacrifices to regain a sense of security.

Fahadh Faasil, known for his remarkable performances in films like “Vikram,” “Pushpa,” “Joji,” commands the screen with his intense presence, while Aparna Balmurali, lead of ‘Surarai Potru’ fame, adds layers. The complexity of his character leaves the audience intrigued. The trailer showcases the versatility and promises to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

The music of ‘Dhoom’ is composed by the talented Puranchandra Tejaswi. His haunting melodies and background score add depth and intensity to the film, enhancing the overall cinematic experience. Renowned cinematographer Preetha Jayaram, known for her stunning visuals in acclaimed films, has captured the essence of ‘Dhoom’ with her remarkable cinematography, creating a visual world. Suresh, a highly experienced editor who has previously collaborated with Pawan on the critically acclaimed film ‘U Turn’, brings his exceptional editing skills to ‘Dhoom’.

‘Dhoom’ also boasts of an amazing team of national award winners. Anees Ndodi, known for his exquisite production design, has contributed his expertise to create the perfect atmospheric setting for the film. Poornima Ramaswamy, has meticulously designed the costumes, ensuring that each character’s outfit complements their personality and enhances their screen presence.

Director Pawan Kumar added, “Dhoom has been my dream project for more than a decade. Over the years, the script and screenplay have been reworked several times to produce the perfect screenplay we have now. A A great production house is supporting this content and ready to collaborate with artists and technicians who are the best in the industry. I am looking forward to the release, and I want to know what the audience feels about this story and theme. How to react.”

The trailer release has created a huge buzz on social media, with fans and film buffs eagerly sharing their excitement. Engaging visuals, pulse-pounding background score and skillful editing have garnered praise from both critics and audiences alike. ‘Dhoom’ is slated to release on June 23 and promises to be an immersive cinematic experience that blends elements of thriller and drama.

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