Explore the unknown! 5 glamourous places you must see in India by train

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Traveling in India can be an incredible experience, full of stunning landscapes, be it national parks, mountains, deserts or coastal areas. Talking about travel, one of the most popular trends right now is the concept of glamping. Also known as glamorous camping, glamping is for people looking for outdoor adventure. It is a form of camping that includes accommodation and facilities that are relatively more luxurious than traditional camping. With India boasting the fifth largest rail network in the world, many popular glamping destinations are accessible by rail.

Dinesh Kumar Kotha – Co-Founder & CEO – ConfirmTkt highlights some of the unknowns you can train:

Jaisalmer (Rajasthan)

Desert Glamping is a popular travel activity that has been on the rise in recent times, and Jaisalmer in Rajasthan is famous for it. Travelers looking for a great glamping experience should definitely try Jaisalmer, known for its stunning sand dunes and rich culture. It is home to a vast area of ​​Thar desert, and there are many luxury camps for tourists to stay. Packed with desert safaris, camel rides, dinners under the stars, and other folk dance and music events, Jaisalmer is truly a wonderful place to visit. Fortunately, Jaisalmer is very well connected to the rest of India by trains.

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Jim Corbett National Park (Uttrakhand)

Located in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, Jim Corbett National Park is a prime glamping spot where travelers can witness wildlife at its best. The national park offers a variety of glamping experiences full of luxury and state-of-the-art amenities. There are several luxury resorts located on the banks of the Kosi River, which provide a cool atmosphere and lush green lawns. In addition, glamping in the area offers visitors opportunities to spot rare species of animals and birds. The nearest railway station to Jim Corbett is Ramnagar, which is wonderfully connected to the rest of India.

Sujan Jawai Cheetah Camp, Pali (Rajasthan)

Leopards are great wildlife that fascinate people all over the world. Nocturnal and incredibly athletic animals known for their climbing ability, tourists travel to regions across India to catch a glimpse of them. Sujan Jawai Leopard Camp is a popular destination in Pali, Rajasthan that offers excellent opportunities for leopard spotters. It is reported that the area promises a peaceful coexistence of local people and leopards, making it a major feline hotspot. The glamming destination offers tents, spa and wellness programs besides meals served around the bonfire. Importantly, the camp in Pali is easily accessible when traveling by train, making it a very popular travel destination for the future.

Kanatal (Uttrakhand)

Kanatal is one of the quiet and offbeat hill stations located near Mussoorie and Dehradun. The beautiful valleys of this region in Uttarakhand hold a lot of promise for travelers and are also a very ideal sightseeing spot. It is only 5 hours from New Delhi and very easily accessible by train. A major glamping facility is provided by Organic Hideaways, which has opened Eco Glamp in the area. It is the largest glamping retreat in the country and offers outdoor living through geodesic domes that provide comfort, safety and luxury. In addition, Eco Glamp has been successful in maintaining the ecological balance of the area, which is beneficial to both travelers and residents.

Kanha National Park (Madhya Pradesh)

Kanha National Park is a place that everyone in India must have heard of. The magnificent tourist hotspot is ideal for tiger spotting and wildlife adventures. Most notably, Kanha is now a very popular destination for glamping with plenty of options equipped with luxury tents. Not only this, travelers can also experience excellent outdoor seating arrangements, swimming pools, spas, restaurants and wildlife viewing tours. Although there is no direct train to Kanha National Park, interested travelers can board and reach the region via trains to Jabalpur, Gondia and Nagpur.

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