Facebook is going to stop this special feature, users will never be able to do this work

Facebook is busy making many changes on its platform. Looking at user demand and usage of other apps, Facebook is working on many new features. On the other hand, it is also disabling many old features. In new features, where Facebook is working very aggressively on Reel, now it is shutting down an old feature forever. The feature that Facebook is shutting down could make it difficult for those who are hosting live shopping events.

Facebook users will no longer be able to host live shopping events on the platform. The Facebook Live Shopping feature will end permanently on October 1, 2022.

The company announced in a blog post that users will no longer be able to create product playlists or tag products in your Facebook Live videos. Now you may be wondering why the company took this decision?

In fact, Facebook says it wants to focus more on Reels and has therefore decided to shut down the Live Shopping Event feature.

The company has given this advice to the users
Facebook has said in its blog post that users are increasingly liking short form videos and this is the reason why Meta’s short form video product is focusing more on Facebook and Instagram reels. If you want to reach and engage with people through video, try experimenting with Reels and Reels ads on Facebook and Instagram.

If you have a shop with checkout and want to host a live shopping event on Instagram, you can set up live shopping on Instagram.

This feature came in 2018
The livestream shopping feature on Facebook was first introduced in Thailand in 2018. Two years later, it was further expanded in 2020. The company has been testing new features since its launch. In November 2021, Facebook tested ‘Live Shopping for Creators’. It also introduced ‘Live Shopping Fridays’ last year to encourage big brands to try out the feature.

Apart from Facebook, TikTok is also in talks to abandon its plan to expand Live e-commerce tool ‘TikTok Shop’. Now there is no concrete information about how much truth and how much rumor is there. The feature was rolled out to users in the UK last year. It allows influencers to sell products via a QVC-style livestream.

Metta-owned Facebook and Instagram’s biggest competition for the Reels feature is TikTok. In places where tiktok is banned, people are using reels right, but where tiktok is available, very few people spend time on reels.

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