Free ration: Who will listen to the heart of the poor

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Jaipur. This is not a long term thing. This is a story from ten to twelve years ago. From kachi colony to posh colony… ration shops were visible somewhere. If one wants wheat, one needs sugar or essential commodities like pulses and tea leaves, the ration shops have done a good job of making these available to the poor at cheap rates.

The result of this was that people began to lose faith in this facility. But only then the administration imposed the new system on the shoulders of common people. His intention was clear. The rightful bread of these poor must be caught in the net of troubles. In this series, there were instructions from the government that he would not get the ration until his fingerprints were inserted into the biometric machine.

If seen, the plan was not bad but everything has two sides. People started opposing the plan. Ration shops have disappeared one by one in a posh colony like Bapunagar. Where did the shop go? Where did its operators go to the land? A working woman living in Ganesh Nagar Colony has the answer. She used to say, in those days, kini of basmati rice, which was very cheap and of high quality, was being distributed at these ration shops.

In this connection, some people hijacked this ration shop. The residents of Bapunagar kept wandering, until today this shop could not be found. Apart from tea and sugar, the story of rice and dal of Tuar is interesting. Initially people liked its taste. Even after facing the hassle of long queues, they have started purchasing income tax. Many operators of ration shops were dishonest.

Instead of reaching the people, the ration was taken to the market and sold at expensive rates. Whenever common people went to these shops, they were either found with thick locks hanging on these shops or orders were given that they were not in stock. In this regard, answers were sought from the Consul, Choki Warden, but they were also surprised. remained The woman of Jhalana settlement said that a middle-aged woman of her settlement said that she has high blood pressure due to which she is facing difficulty in walking.

In the new system of the government, these distressed people began to feel sad when they did not get any facility like relief. We told Kaush our helplessness but he showed no mercy. Even the representative of the head of the family was not given government ration. did, but Ammijaan went to the ration shop, Sakina’s family did not get ration grains for the last four months.

Sakina is not the only victim of this problem. Many people are facing this pain. The local leader of Bapu Nagar says that the ration cards are made only in the name of the head of the family. Many of these people cannot walk when the condition worsens. The biometric machine cannot match the fingerprint because the skin on his finger is damaged. Due to non-match, the victim’s family is not getting food.

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