From Malang To Half Girlfriend: Here Are List Of Movies Our ‘Wonder Girl’ Kriti Sanon Has Rejected

Kriti Sanon hit the headlines with her remarkable performance in the film Mimi. But did you know that she was almost playing the lead in these popular Bollywood films? Well, if not here we have listed all the 5 films where she was the makers’ first choice, as stated in Instant Bollywood.
1. Malang
Kriti Sanon was the first choice of the film, however, she had to let go of it. On this, the director of the film, Mohit Suri, said, Kriti also received offers for Housefull 4 and Panipat. She would have had to waste six months to be a part of my film, as I was figuring out the dates with other actors. Kriti wanted to do Malang, but she had to let go of it and choose other films instead.”
2. Haseena Dilruba
While Haseena Dilruba marked one terrific performance of Taapsee Pannu, she wasn’t the makers’ first choice, it was Kriti Sanon. However, even though she was initially excited about it, later she gave it a second thought for the film had bold scenes in it.
3. Dhamaka
While it was decided that Dhamaka would happen along with Rahul Dhokalia and Kriti Sanon, Sanon quit the film.
4. Singh is Bliing
The actress had to leave the film due to delays in filming.
5. Half Girlfriend
The actress had to quit the film for date issues and her commitment to Raabta.
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