From Sketch Comedy to Web Series, Kushal Mistry’s ‘Amdavadi Man’ is up for full-time entertainment

Comedy and comedians are life to the fun in the room. A great humorous scene cannot go blank if they have the best comedians delivering it. It is also a truth that not every comedian is also believed to bring in that punch in the line they deliver. Kushal Mistry is one such comedian who is believed to have the vision and the skill to observe the unknown. His observation skills have got him most of the fame from the time he decided to work towards becoming a comedian. Being a young comedian, he is constantly at a move to find his content and present it in a more humorous way. Kushal started as a meme artist during his engineering days and he eventually finished his college to finally pursue what he believed in. As he was always a great painter, while everyone was coding or working in an IT firm, he joined a graphic designing course. His first video alongside his three classmates Parth Parmar, Jatin Prajapati, and Vijay Gurjar was a major hit amongst many. He believed in his men and their effort and hence he created the channel ‘Amdavadi Man’ alongside his three friends.

His channel ‘Amdavadi Man’ was created to entertain his viewers and he was highly inspired by his idols namely Harsh Beniwal and Beyounick. He soon was able to grab hold of the attention he was looking for and was able to hit a 10k subscriber on YouTube. Since then, he has been full-time working as a comedian launching multiple projects. His collaboration with stars like Malhar Thakar, Aarohi Patel, Yash Soni, and Siddharth Randeriya amongst many others were major hits. He has also recently got an opportunity to collab with Badshah. He was also lucky enough to meet his favorites Sonu Sood and Ranvijay Singha while promoting projects. One of their single YouTube shorts videos got 130 million views. On his success, he wishes to continue entertaining his fans and followers.

Besides this, Kushal Mistry wishes to also see his channel touch the milestone of 1 million. He mentioned, ‘I love the fact that I have my friends by my side which makes it way easier to find content and brainstorm. All the success is not just my effort but all my three men were equally involved and made this possible. The collaborations that I am into are making it worth it as I believe that it shall give me a platform to perform as a comedian across the globe. The channel will reach a million soon. We are also working on a School life series of 6-8 episodes and 2 episodes of it has been released recently’

Kushal Mistry is the founder of ‘Amdavadi Man’ works on creative ideas alongside his friends. The channel has already delivered varied genres of comedy including Song & movie parody and TV Serial Spoof, Observation, Sketch Comedy, daily life problems, trending, and relatable topics, and twisted humor amongst many other genres. Kushal even adds, ‘I wanted to definitely focus on comedy as the base of my channel; however, we have tried every different genre of comedy including some amazing movie parody and regular observations. I want to explore more and always looking out to deliver something new for my audiences. We already uploaded more than 180 videos on our channel and I feel extremely proud when I look back at 2017 when we just started. I remember watching few online short comedy videos which inspired me to shift my focus from memes to making a video of my own. I spoke to my classmates and they were readily available to discuss it. That is when we made our first video and uploaded it not knowing what is there for us in the store. Here we are after 4 years all happy about what we are doing and absolutely confident about our next move.’

Kushal’s channel is a big success and his collaboration with stars like Kinjal Dave and Vijay Suvada in two different songs also boosted their confidence in building their own empire filled with laughter. He reminds the youth, ‘I never believed that I can be in front of the camera and say even a single word as the sort of introvert I was. I am a very private person still now; however, once that camera is on, I only believe in giving my best as that is what I always wanted. I never had a plan B and so my hard work was not scattered over places instead I kept pushing towards only one direction. Comedy and humour is my partner for life now.’

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