Guillain: Dangerous disease Guillain barry syndrome patient found in Jaipur

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Jaipur. Guillain Barre syndrome disease is considered as one of the most dangerous diseases in the world. Once it takes hold of someone, the patient suffers a painful death.

Guillain-Barré syndrome is considered a disorder in which headache is the first symptom in the patient’s body. After this, his muscles start to weaken. If there is a slight delay in its treatment, the patient’s bracing muscles also begin to respond and the patient requires mechanical ventilation. Jaipur’s Sawai Mansingh Hospital is treating a patient with this disease, with autonomic nervous system and frequent heart rate and BP changes.

Symptoms of paralysis have also been found. The patient has gone into a deep coma. This patient from Bharatpur is a farmer. He is the only patient in his village. The health department of Rajasthan is trying to find out how the virus spreads. Due to the spread of this disease, a person’s immune system attacks foreign objects. But when this system mistakenly starts attacking our body’s functions, and its peripherals, it is considered an autoimmune disease.

In this the myelin of the peripheral nervous system weakens very quickly. When this happens, pay the nerve network rate for this patient. The ability of the muscles to respond to the commands of the patient’s mind is reduced. This is the command needed to capture the network and send it to another location. Not only this, the patient’s body is able to absorb very little sensation.

The patient begins to lose the ability to feel texture, heat and other sensations. This was happening. Half of his body was in excruciating pain. Even the painkillers didn’t work. With the passage of time these symptoms started to worsen in the patient.

On this he was shown to a private hospital in Bharatpur. But there was a bill of more than three lakhs in three days. Later he was referred to Jaipur due to inability to treat the disease. When the patient was shown to Sawai Man Singh Hospital, he started having difficulty in turning his face, chewing and swallowing. Along with this, spinal pain and loss of bladder control, heart palpitations and breathing problems started.

Recently, this patient has been kept under strict monitoring on the ventilator. The doctors treating this patient say that the doctor should be seen only when the symptoms of this disease are seen. A plasmapheresis machine is inserted into the patient’s body. Treatment of the disease is currently not possible. Efforts are made to help make the patient comfortable based on symptoms alone.

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