Hit The Gym But In Style! Here’s Kristen Stewart Serving Us A Lesson In Tracksuits

It doesn’t get much more casual than a tracksuit when it comes to head-to-toe ensembles you can actually leave the house in. The athletic look has long been a favorite among workout enthusiasts and individuals who like to dress casually yet still seem put-together. Tracksuits made a significant comeback earlier this year, and not just in the categories stated.
The coordinated gear was seen on celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Rihanna, as well as in high-end reiterations like Chloé and Gucci. Kristen Stewart is the most recent addition to the remarkable list of celebs who have endorsed the style. At the New York Film Festival, she is promoting her film Personal Shopper.
Kristen Stewart landed at Narita International Airport in Tokyo on Saturday, opting for comfort over flair. The 24-year-old actress was seen wearing a slim black Nike tracksuit skirt and a casual white short-sleeved T-shirt that she knotted at the waist. With a pair of well-worn black sneakers and a backward blue cap, the Twilight star completed her laid-back appearance.
Kristen even carried a backpack instead of a handbag as her own carry-on. She also appeared to be devoid of make-up, showing her flawless skin beneath a pair of jet-black sunglasses. With her headphones plugged in, the celebrity appeared to be listening to music as she walked through the Japanese airport.
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