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How 24 year’s Kylian Mbappe Performed in the FIFA World Cup 2022 final match.

Name….Kylian Mbappe..! Age 24 years. Only the second player in the 92-year history of the FIFA World Cup to score a hat-trick in the final match. France, which looked like a wet cat in front of Argentina for 79 minutes, was turned into a lion by an Mbappe. It often happens in films that the hero comes in the last moment and turns the whole game. In the 80th minute, due to a mistake by the Argentine player, France got the first penalty of the match and Mbappe put the ball in the goal post. The world waited with bated breath to celebrate Messi’s first World Cup win. Before this goal, Mbappe had scored 5 goals in the FIFA World Cup 2022. But all five were field goals. It was his first penalty in this World Cup. The excitement of the final had reached its peak.

Before Messi’s supporters could understand anything, within 97 seconds their whole world was shaken. French player Common passes the ball to Mbappe and Mbappe passes the ball to Thuram. Thuram didn’t see the point and once again handed the ball to Mbappe. After this Mbappe walked single-handedly carrying the football from the halfway line like a one man army. Not a single Argentine defender could stop him on the way. A thunderous shot into the bottom left corner of the goal post. The match had become equal to 2-2. The Football World Cup final had become too thrilling. Mbappé brought a smile back to French President Emmanuel Macron, who was pacing the stands in constant worry because of the lethargic attitude of his players. He was starting to see victory.

The 2 best players of the current football world were face to face, so it was sure that neither of them would leave any stone unturned. 2 halves of 15 minutes each in extra time. Messi scored in the 108th minute to give Argentina a 3–2 lead in the match. This goal also happened in a very opposite situation. In fact, after playing a shot at the goalpost of Argentine Lautari Martinez, the ball collided with the goalkeeper and went to Messi. Messi also immediately attacked the goal post but it seemed that the French player did not allow the ball to reach inside the goal post. But the referee called it a goal because by the time the ball was thrown out, it had landed inside the goalpost.

There was now only 12 minutes left in extra time. It seemed that the Argentine defender would no longer score goals under any circumstances. Then in the 116th minute, the whole game changed once more. Mbappe’s shot hit the hand of Argentine player Gonzalo Montiel and in return France got a penalty. Mbappé once again made the match 3-3 by reaching the ball inside the goalpost. Interestingly, before the final in this World Cup, Mbappe had scored 5 goals and all five were field goals. In the World Cup final itself, Mbappe scored 2 goals on penalty. This young player changed times, changed emotions and changed circumstances. As a result, the winner was decided by a penalty shootout.

Kylian Mbappe took the first attempt from his team and once again took the ball to the goalpost. After that, two French players missed goals in consecutive shoot-outs and the result was that France lost the final 4–2. Mbappe was disappointed and his disappointment was clearly visible in his eyes. He was not even in a position to speak anything. In such a situation, French President Emmanuel Macro himself came on the field and consoled his champion player. Maybe this was Messi’s last World Cup, but Mbappe will enter the field with the intention of winning the next 3 World Cups. Whenever he is seen on the field, the whole world will say… The One Man Army. it.🌻

Rahul Tarar
Rahul Tarar
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