iPhone 14 Design Leaked: The First Look of Apple’s 2022 Notchless iPhone

The massive iPhone 14 leak is our first look at Apple’s sleek 2022 iPhone.

Front page tech presenter John Prosser has been one of Apple’s most prolific outlets in recent years. Not all leaks are accurate, but the results are far better than most. But on Thursday it took the leak to a new level. The latest episode of Prosser’s YouTube show features, as it claims, a rendering of the final design of the iPhone 14. Apple didn’t even have time to announce the iPhone 13, but the leak could ruin next year’s iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 with Punch Hole Camera Design

iPhone 14 render leak with punch hole camera design

As you can see in the rendering above (made fun of by @RendersbyIan), Apple is finally ready to give up its slot. Like Android’s best competitors, Apple plans to adopt hole-cutting for the selfie camera. Meanwhile, the Face ID sensor array will likely be placed below the screen.

This is just one of many important design changes to the iPhone 14. Last year, Apple brought back the flat side of the iPhone 4. That will continue this year with the iPhone 13, but Apple will take a step forward in 2022. The iPhone 14 will return the circular volume buttons. There will also be glass on the antenna strip and a titanium chassis around the phone. Unlike the iPhone 4, the iPhone 14 will still use a Lightning charging cable.

Some Additional Change’s to Upcoming iPhone 14 as per leak’s

iPhone 14 leaked with punch hole camera design
iPhone 14 design leak with additional upgrades

In addition to removing the slot, Apple will also remove the camera effect. The rendering shows a completely flat back wall with a hidden camera lens. According to Prosser, the iPhone 14 will be thicker than the previous model to accommodate these changes.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the initial model that Prosser looked at was the iPhone 14 Pro Max. There is always the possibility that some of these design changes may be exclusive to the most expensive models. However, it’s hard to imagine Apple holding onto the slot when it’s removable.

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