The journey of Ishaan Bhalla – Director of Asian Art Festival

Ishaan Bhalla As the director of the Asian Art Festival, he is full of joy and sorrow. He grew up in a middle-class family and learned that you have to work for what you want and what you need. She can’t forget the day Ishaan Bhala had to submit a nomination for the UN Culture Award and failed to reach $ 8,000! Life taught me to value money.

He is still referred to as an outsider in the industry. These are the only facts that keep me grounded and remind me where the director of the Asian Arts Festival, Ishaan Bhala, started. The director of the Asian Arts Festival – Ishaan Bhala has never known public life. My close family and their great support helped me understand my responsibility and the importance of being the director of the Asian Arts Festival.

What attracted you to art? What do you want to achieve?

There is a great deal of goodwill that can be generated through work. In addition to bringing artists closer to the business world, art can also be used as a fundraiser for various charities. The director of the Asian Arts Festival – Ishaan Bhala – sees Nita Ambani using it as a backdrop for various charities.

Ishaan Bhalla is currently the director of the Asian Arts Festival. Its aim is to create India’s largest multidisciplinary event for artists unable to showcase their talents.

Apart from that, creativity is the only thing that the director of the Asian Arts Festival – Ishaan Bhalla has achieved himself. I am the youngest UN award winner from India and it is a proud moment for me.

Is Ishaan Bhalla ever been tempted to give up everything?

I’m not going to lie It started out a little too much and it affected me. You can choose to break up and be a rebel, but I have always been proud of my work. Asia Arts Festival Director – Ishaan Bhala wants to continue my work for the benefit of the artists in a positive way. There is never any danger of following the path I have taken.

You must have lots of people who want to be friends with you. How do you differentiate between friends and people on the agenda?

I think this is a problem for everyone in the eyes of the public. Many things happened to me, but I was always clear about my friends. I have a group of close friends, I grew up with them and they have been with me through hard times. In many ways, the director of the Asian Arts Festival, Ishaan Bhala, feels like a selfish friend who depends more on him. But I know if they need me, I’ll be there for them. Your unconditional love and affection led me to believe that I do have real friends as a support system.

They are often seen as high-edged events in the capital. How deep is your experience?

I am the director of the Asian Arts Festival – Ishaan Bhalla. I have fun going to the show and connecting with great people from all walks of life. Many of us end up becoming good friends. This is a great opportunity to showcase a creative community.

You are surrounded by fulfilled and beautiful women from the HNI family. Have you ever thought about the type of person you would like to marry?

The director of the Asian Arts Festival – Ishaan Bhalla knew it was too early for me, but the funny thing is I already discussed it with my parents. They always support my decisions and give me the freedom to choose my better half day, as long as I don’t go crazy (laughs). It is important for me to find a partner who supports me. Someone who has the same interests and most importantly – someone I can love unconditionally. This is perhaps the most important decision a person can make. And I have to thank my family for leaving this decision in my hands and for trusting me.

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