Jennifer Aniston Is Shelling Out Some Party Worthy Cues For Netizens: Go Steal

Jennifer Aniston’s rooted sense of style has long been respected by women.
Despite her fame and wealth, she has always worn clothing that the average person would wear. She embodies the best kind of “everywoman’s style,” which she has represented from her first public engagement.
Jennifer Aniston became America’s sweetheart after securing her breakout role as Rachel Green on Friends. The ELLE cover girl has appeared in a succession of big-screen smashes and has been featured on a slew of best-dressed lists. Jen is well aware of what suits her and has always been amazed on the red carpet with form-fitting styles and beautiful heels, even though she’s known for her classic little black dresses. Her style, unquestionably, improves with age.
Her leggy red carpet gowns constantly make heads turn, her jeans and T-shirts are always relaxed, and her go-to heels have inspired us to embark on our own purchasing trips. In short, Jennifer Aniston’s style is unrivaled, and even the outfits she wore in the 1990s are still relevant now. Part of this is due to the fact that when Aniston likes something, she really likes it and will wear it again and over again, often for decades. Looking back at the actress’s best fashion moments, we’ve seen that she uses the same styling tips and methods over and over again.

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