Lado was silent, mother hugged the dead body and wailed.

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Jaipur. The bodies will remain in the mortuary. The worst thing in life is lost…! But there was much to be said for that corpse. The police were beating their heads. Then the lamentation of the mother was not seen. Mortuary staff began an inquiry. Rati Rati Baat Just come out bro. Your presence affects our system. The law is violated. It was also correct. One has to be very careful in legal matters.

Leaving aside the matter of the dead body, a lot has been said in the report of the dead body of the police. position of the dead body. In which direction is his head? The girl’s body belongs to a laborer’s family. The top of the head is open. Stray hairs indicate that they have been plucked. Many hairs appear to be pulled out. As if he was drawn with a hook. The police IO said that the flesh inside the private part of the girl was torn. The condition of the blood is such that even after death its flow does not stop. Atrocities have been committed with this three-year-old girl even after her death. The body has abrasion wounds on both hands. His face burst into flames.

The upper lip is cut with pressure, there is a deep cut on the cheek with pointed teeth. More information is written in the police record. especially clauses. has been declared a serious crime. It means kidnapping, murder and more. Several words are underlined from the pen. The officer is in a bad mood. Some more information should have been sought. But the shape of his face has become strange. Then how is such a thing. Everything has been thoroughly checked. There was no mistake that judge’s rebuke. Sweat makes you sweat. Sometimes a red mark is placed in the service book. Life becomes bad. The child is of short stature.

His, light green, close to the body. A bright colored frock in a bright fabric. Brown belt. It is said that plastic bangles were visible in the hands of the innocent but both hands are numb. When the bangle breaks, there are abrasions just above the palm. Seeing the opportunity of the police, the voice of the consumer of the mortuary was heard….! Who is with the girl? Come bhai the body is to be placed on the operation table. This work is not ours. Police or family members. Anyone can do it. Everything here is taking time. The police officer is standing two steps away from the staff. There is tightness in the face. That’s it, if there’s one more scolding.. no need to say more. No one is bullied in a mortuary.

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