Life Lessons To Take From The Brave Henry Cavill

And there it is: another scumbag hill, drenched in lovely, uncaring sunlight, the rays as opulent as the residents of the mansions that border it. I’m in pain. I’m out of breath. My legs are like putty, and my lungs are on fire, yet I’m only halfway across Jersey, a weird British rock off the coast of Normandy.
I haven’t seen Henry Cavill in over eight kilometres. It was also eight kilometres ago that I started to think I could beat Superman – on his own field, no less. Yes, I’ve had a long flight. Yes, I’m completely out of shape. Yes, Cavill runs the Durrell Challenge every year to help raise money for an animal conservation charity in his own country.
It’s one thing to grow in size. Keeping Superman’s size, on the other hand, is a different problem. Henry Cavill’s twice-daily, boundary-breaking workouts may have helped him get ripped, but once filming began, that routine was abandoned.
Living in hotels while working on set all day isn’t the best way to keep in superhuman form, but because of his ultra-solid muscle basis, the Man of Steel was able to limit the negative consequences of a decreased workout schedule.
Cavill had one extremely essential criterion before starting serious training with Gym Jones founder Mark Twight: he needed to get nine to ten hours of sleep every single night.
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