Lucky Gupta- A Digital Marketer, Author and Internet Celebrity

Lucky Gupta is a well-known Internet Celebrity, Author from Jodhpur, He is 22 years old and known for writing on Digital marketing solutions.

Early Life of Lucky Gupta

Lucky Gupta was born on 28 December 1998 in Samdari, Rajasthan, He had a huge fascination with the computer since his childhood. So He chose his career in that field.

In 2015 while he was pursuing his higher education he hacked his two roommates’ Facebook accounts using a phishing method, Since that day, People have started calling him “Hacker Boy”.


Earlier, Lucky Gupta completed his secondary graduation from his home town Samdari, then he came to Jodhpur for his higher education, He followed his interest in computers and chose Computer Science as his career.

After finishing his higher education with good grades, He got admission to one of Jodhpur’s best and reputed colleges- Lachoo Memorial College. Since he was passionate about computers, he chose BCA as his degree, In 2019, Lucky completed his graduation from Lachoo Memorial College, Jodhpur.

Career as an Influencer

Since his childhood, he was always trying to attract people and let them know about his presence. While he was shifted to Jodhpur for his higher education, He was living in Hostel and for attracting students there he hacked someone’s student’s Facebook account since then the whole hostel was known as Hacker Boy.

When he entered his college for graduation, He starts building his online presence and attract people, In the first year of his graduation, He was awarded as the Best influencer of the year for his good cause.

Lucky Gupta is counted as the no.1 influencer from Jodhpur and Barmer city, He is listed as the no.1 influencer in the Gambling community. Since then He already wins the best influencer of the year award two times. He is also nominated for the same award this year for his good cause, He aware hundreds of people of Digital Frauds, also with the help of his friends they created two songs on COVID-19 to aware people of it.

Lucky Gupta as Internet Celebrity

Lucky Gupta now becomes the first-ever Internet Celebrity in Jodhpur. He is listed in a Wikipedia article as Internet Celebrity, also earlier some time Lucky was also featured on Google and got the subtitle “Internet Celebrity“.

Books Published By Lucky

At the end of his graduation, He chose his career in Digital Marketing, He starts writing books on Digital Marketing Solutions and Business Development.

His official Website for More Details : luckygupta.com

Rahul Tarar

Rahul Tarar is a 22 years Old Indian digital marketer and digital entrepreneur and graduates from Chandigarh university.

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