Malayalam Movie Fraternity Pays Tribute To Nedumudi Venu

Jayasurya(actor): “He was a legend …he was a soulful actor…He has done a staggering gallery of characters…he knows how to hold a character’s soul…I would say he is a very lucky person to have died with his boots in.Until his last he was in this industry and he was doing a film too… He could act with the new generation of actors… he was like a wine… he got better with age..he kepts changing his acting pattern through out the years…legends never die”
Roshan Mathew(actor): “I’ve known Venu sir mostly only though his work. And all the respect I have for him comes from that. And from a few of his interviews and talks I have watched. I was fortunate enough to work in a movie with him, but I did not get to interact with him past a basic introduction or have any scenes with him.My misfortune.”
Sajib Babu(director): “Nedumudi Venu sir was a great artist. In his 30s he started acting roles of elder characters… As elder brother, father, grandfather ,etc. He was a very flexible artiste …wonderful actor.. For me, when I think of Malayalam actors, the first faces that come to mind are Mammootty sir, Mohanlal sir, then Nedumudi Venu sir and Thilakan sir.”
Bejoy Nambiar(director): “He was a legend . The diversity of his performances should be studied by film enthusiasts . He has left behind a legacy of iconic characters.”
Resul Pookutty(sound designer, filmmaker): “He was family to me…. I can’t think of Malayalam cinema without Nedumudi Venu… He was so much part of our life…We as Malayalees relate to him as our brother or uncle or grandfather or a distraught king .From the multitude of characters he played, he made us feel a part of every character. His passing effects us so much as we feel we lost not just an actor but a part of us! Om Shanti.”
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