Manav Sidhu: The Next Punjabi Rapper

The Great Punjabi rapper Manav Sidhu has many dreams come true, and he will also make his dreams come true through his efforts. He is a persuasive person. If one day he can do something, he will do it. He has experienced many things. There are many obstacles on the road, but nothing can stop you from realizing your dreams. He is also a great football player. He also played for the Dandenong Heights team in Melbourne. Against the city of Melbourne football team. He likes to do things that are hard to achieve. You should focus on your goals.

Even at a very young age. He met people from different countries. And he has become a good friend of all races and everyone. country. While studying in Melbourne. He also learned a lot about international festivals and culture.He has been fighting since the first day. In order to achieve his goal, he uses the work of McDonald’s subway and post office to help his parents simplify tuition so that parents can pay half of the tuition. Receive payment from my work income.

During my stay in Australia, Manav Sidhu observed the world from a distance. I have seen a lot of things, how the world works. Not everyone is good here. I learned a lot of things that inspired me. There must be self-sufficient and perform many tasks. What makes my life so wonderful. This also reminds me of many new things in life. There are many differences between living in a foreign country and living in India. In India Our parents are always with us. stand by. Help us do everything that makes him our operator.

Manav Sidhu – An Indipendent Artist

But there are foreign countries. We must understand that we must be independent of everyone. It is also important that foreigners trust you easily and are naturally friendly. Ready to provide you with help and support at any time.No matter how difficult your life is, living away from your parents has also inspired me a lot. I have to work hard to realize my dream of becoming a great Punjabi rapper.

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