Manish Singh: The Famous youngest digital entrepreneur of India in 2021

Manish Singh, a well-known businessman, and Youngest digital entrepreneur is making fast strides in the digital marketing business. This young man is great at technology and digital marketing. Many say that “Manish Singh was born to sell online.”

His in-depth knowledge helps individual profiles and business profiles. He is able to grow a fan base and conduct business using appropriate online techniques.

Manish Singh owner at ZZED MEDIA

ZZED MEDIA Founder and CEO Manish Singh specialize in brand awareness, traffic, and genes, marketing channels, social media, and more. The name Manish Singh comes from the youngest digital marketing entrepreneur in India. Now his name has skyrocketed in the world of the youngest digital marketing and the most experienced digital marketing expert in the world.

Over the past three years, he’s worked with the best names and brands with over $ 1 million in revenue and has spoken a lot about his expertise as a digital marketer.
The name Manish Singh was recently added to the list of the youngest millionaire entrepreneurs in India. His name appears in the best Indian online press. We can think of him as “the fastest-growing entrepreneur”.

What many don’t realize is that Manish Singh is India’s only digital marketing entrepreneur making $ 1 million in the Indian online marketing business. His startup ZZED Media is now the best start-up in Delhi. Manish Singhs ZZED Media is also one of the top ten Indian startups.

Interview of Manish Singh Youngest digital entrepreneur

Photo of Manish Singh: The youngest digital entrepreneur

Manish Singh Says I am a digital marketer. I am a social media marketing professional. I help people grow their brands by increasing sales with a click funnel. My journey so far has been full of ups and downs. I’ve been interested in cell phones and new technology since I was a kid. I was accepted at Delhi Technical Campus and hunted btech there. At the end of my first year, I realized that I was good at it and started working as a social media manager. In just two years I owned three companies. You are currently planning to create more startups that offer opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

How do you deal with contemporaries because the digital world is so dynamic and competitive?

Yes, the digital world is very dynamic and competitive. It’s growing and to keep up with, I keep learning new things. I have studied well from childhood, which gives me an advantage over my contemporaries because I learn new things very quickly. I was doing digital marketing when there were far less resources on the internet to study. That’s why I continue to apply the knowledge I get every day.

Tell us something about your offer?

My company is currently working with OVO Records, I market OVO and you know OVO owner, Drake. I have a contract with a label based in the UK and have communicated with many individual artists. I got my first big break from the series and then never looked back. I currently work with over 4,000 customers, which motivates me and keeps me busy. My motto isn’t just making money. I’m just trying to get new customers every day.

According to many magazines, you are the world’s youngest digital entrepreneur to become a millionaire. How did you get so much wealth?

Yes, I am the youngest digital entrepreneur to become a millionaire and that’s because of his hard work. I am currently 21 years old and my company has over $ 1 million in sales. I have my company ZZED Media Pvt. GmbH. In 2018, sales hit $ 200,000 in the first year, and the following year I converted into millions. I just work hard and always try my best to give my clients the results they want and I’m good at it.

It helps me earn a lot and I have three companies to spend and I plan more so I spend my fortune to earn more. Jokes, I spent a lot, I just bought an Audi A3 and apart from Audi I have a car and I have invested a lot. I own a house and many properties, which keep my money invested and growing.

So, do you think you achieved everything you wanted?

I’m just getting started. I want to achieve more. I am the youngest millionaire in the world according to Forbes India and my next goal is to be in the top 25 under 25 in the world and I am working too hard for that. There is a lot to be done as I am the youngest digital entrepreneur to be introduced to Google, which motivates me to ask big questions
Standard in the 20s.

What advice would you like to give potential digital retailers?

Work hard, this is the only way to be successful. Success is not a one-night stand. Continue to work with passion. Eventually, you will get a big score. I know it’s tough and heartbreaking when you don’t succeed, but you have to keep believing because the digital world takes time. And there’s another thing that’s full of possibilities: You just have to wait for the right time and when the time is right, make money.

My personal opinion about success at digital marketing is about keeping things real and not copying things that work in your particular niche, which makes you more successful in your industry.

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