Mayank Kumar Sharma – Entrepreneur and Founder of Youngpreneurs

Mayank Kumar Sharma, a young entrepreneur born on November 7, 2004, is causing a stir in the new digital market. He was born and raised in the capital city of India, New Delhi. This young man is the founder of a media marketing company, YOUNGPRENEURS. This digital media marketing agency helps people grow their Instagram accounts and helps them make money.

His webinars and lectures always give him the sunshine to generate new ideas and thought processes as well as meet and reach new people and find new ways to interact with them and share their common goals.

Mayank Kumar Sharma’s Education and Background

Mayank Kumar Sharma is currently studying for standard 12 and graduated from Bal Bhawan International School in Dwarka, New Delhi. Currently, at the age of 16, he mentors 40+ students online teaching them the same skills to help people grow their Instagram accounts. He shared the details through his mentors and teachers during the process and training and took steps to make money. He exclaims that Sandeep Maheshwari and Rahul Bhatnagar are his constant motivations, pushing him harder each time he appears to step back from time to time.

He loves working in this field because it has allowed him to grow on his own and reach heights of heaven where he can only work a few hours and generate a large income. He said he worked a little last month, but even then his income didn’t stop and he had managed to make a lot of money with just a little effort. On the day of the theater, he also had the opportunity to meet Rohitashv Gur, who is currently playing Manmohan Tiwari in the daily soap broadcast on SAB-TV “Bhabhi Ji Ghar Pe Hai”. He’s the only one in his school who took the opportunity to meet him.

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Mayank Kumar Sharma also shared that he never really liked Bollywood that way, but there are some actors that he really likes who made himself in the industry like John Abraham. He also shares with us his dream to enable his parents and family to live in luxury, as they are his true backbone in a strong relationship and support him through “fat and weak”. He also told us that he has been working to help more and more people learn the skills. That’s why he created online courses so that people can easily access them and learn freely.

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