Meera Chopra: “I Was Manhandled By My Interior Designer”

Actress Meera Chopra has some serious allegations against her former interior designer Rajender Deewan. She alleges not only unprofessional behaviour but also physical manhandling.
An FIR has been registered and Meera who has worked in films like Section 375 and Gang Of Ghosts and is also Priyanka Chopra cousin, has tweeted and tagged the CM of Maharashtra.
“Action should be taken against him . I don’t care about the money I lost. Or the mess that he made of my new home, incidentally my first home in Mumbai bought with my own hard-earned money. But the way he screamed at me and manhandled me is not right. I want him to apologize and he must not be allowed to behave this way with anyone, woman or man,” says Meera.
The story begins with Meera buying property in Mumbai. “I needed an interior designer, Rajenderji was my father’s friend and his daughter Richa was my buddy. So I hired him, although I had heard he had problems with Diljit Dosanjh while doing the interiors of his home. Anyway I hired him , paid him an advance of Rs 8 lakhs and left to shoot for a film for Zee Studios in Varanasi.”
What Meera saw after her return to Mumbai horrified her. “It was nothing like what I had asked for. Rajenderji had done his own thing. My dream house was a mess. When I protested he shouted at me in front of the labourers. Then one day he just pushed me out of my own home and told me to let him do his work.What work?! It was my house, my money, my dream home that he was destroying.”
Meera decided to get rid of Dewan. “I got my brother Vikram over to Mumbai. He stayed for 6 months to fix all the damage Rajenderji had done . Now my house is done and done the way I wanted. I realize I shouldn’t have trusted him blindly , shouldn’t have given him an advance of Rs 8 lakhs, shouldn’t have hired someone on the verge of retirement with an anger-management problem.What’s done is done. But his rude violent behaviour cannot be ignored.”
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