Mera Road Murder: Murder of live-in partner, cut the body with a cutter and boiled it in a cooker and fed it to the dogs, on smell…

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Internet desk. Cases of murders involving women are increasing in the country. A new case has come to light in Mumbai, where a 56-year-old accused killed his 32-year-old live-in partner in Mira Road area. The killing was also done with such brutality that once even your soul will tremble.

According to media reports, the accused used a cutter to kill the woman and after killing her, cut the body into pieces with a saw. After this, the accused boiled the pieces of the body in a cooker and later the accused fed the boiled flesh of the woman to the dogs. According to reports, the accused was living with a woman named Saraswati Vaidya on rent on the 7th floor of Akashganga Building in Mira Road area for the last 3 years.

On Wednesday, the people of the building informed the police about the stench coming from the flat, after which the police reached the spot and were shocked. According to the police, they found the body parts of a woman in the flat. These pieces were burnt, which suggests that the murder has been done three or four days ago. According to the police, there was a fight between the accused Manoj and the woman over something. After this, Manoj killed the woman and cut the body with a cutter. The police produced the accused in court from where he was sent to police custody.


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