Meet Lakshay Jain, India’s youngest tech entrepreneur

Lakshay Jain is the youngest entrepreneur and developer. Lakshay Jain was born on 30th January 2004 at the age of 16 and has more than 8 years of industry experience. He is currently the founder and CEO of Mevrex.

Mevrex founder and CEO Lakshay Jain did very well in his career at the age of 17.

We can hardly see people like that who have such good careers at such a young age. Lakshay Jain is such a good example that with his hard work and talent he has reached the pinnacle of success and is also in his early teens.

He is perhaps the youngest tech entrepreneur in India to achieve great success. Lakshay has proven beyond a doubt that discipline, hard work and a focus on your goals can take your place and help you overcome the big obstacles that lie ahead.

Lakshay started his journey at the age of seven and almost conquered the digital world at the age of 17. He founded digital marketing and web and application development company, Mevrex, which has handled more than a hundred projects under his roof to date. It has largely conquered large national and international markets and is ready to move to more regions in the near future.

After a long loss of entrepreneurial success, Lakshay would like to share some entrepreneurial ideas that will help ambitious business people advance their actions and stay in the relevant field:

Lakshay Jain
Lakshay Jain, Founder of Mevrex shares the future of digital marketing techniques in India

Have a strong and determined mind

Sand and determination are two important and important factors that greatly influence the journey of an entrepreneur. When the whole world is busy knocking you down, you have to be strong enough not to let your purpose slip out of your sight. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to understand these traits in depth.

Be open to challenges

An entrepreneur’s journey is not a pink rose and he faces many obstacles and obstacles on his way. You must be strong enough to overcome this challenge and move forward unhindered.

Develop your passion

You must be passionate and confident about your work. Without passion, there are no driving factors that negatively impact a business.

Don’t be afraid to take risks

Taking risks is part of the entrepreneur’s journey. You need to learn to take risks that will ultimately benefit the company. There are advantages and disadvantages to taking risks, but the benefits often outweigh the potential dangers.

Confidence and self-confidence

To be a successful entrepreneur, you must master the art of listening to intuition and rely on your wisdom to make important decisions. Your confidence and self-confidence will give you the confidence that is much needed to progress and succeed in your entrepreneurial journey.

Plan your finances well

One of the main reasons businesses fail miserably is poor money management. Plan your finances well so that you are prepared for any hassles that need funding right away.

Lakshay said that if one diligently follows these important moments, they will likely experience fewer obstacles in their entrepreneurial journey.

Age is no barrier for ambitious and determined people

Lakshay Jain who is a creative kid has a strong interest in technology which makes him even stronger in learning web programming. Lakshay Jain is currently graduating from Gurukul Global School in Chandigarh. While participating in various programming competitions in his early years, Lakshay Jain passed the development, marketing and consulting agency Mevrex.

Lakshay Jain Titled “World’s Youngest Web / Application Developer”

Lakshay Jain: The Founder and CEO of Mevrex.
Lakshay Jain: The Founder and CEO of Mevrex.

Usually, at this age when teenagers are busy enjoying life with friends, determining their career and life goals, Lakshay Jain has the title of “Youngest Web / Application Developer” with more than 100 with his incredible journey of publishing projects belonging to startup “Mevrex”. Lakshay Jain is a highly skilled programmer, graphic designer, editor, athlete, and public speaker who is also 16 years old. Inspired by his mother and his passion for showcasing something unique in the web development industry, Lakshay Jain has made his success an inspiring move for any teenager.

A Young Entrepreneur

Unlike teenagers, Lakshay Jain is a goal-oriented and very sincere person who even removes obstacles before the middle class starts their own business. Lakshay Jain became financially independent from the start and realized his responsibilities towards himself and his career. Surprisingly, Mevrex was only the result of Lakshay Jain’s sincere efforts. He did not ask his parents for financial help to create Mevrex and bring it to a successful stage.

Future goals of Lakshay

Lakshay Jain also explained his heavenly goal by mentioning his upcoming project on the internet world. Lakshay Jain has served a number of clients and received five outstanding awards. Even during this time of the pandemic, when everyone was losing hope, Lakshay Jane was scaling up her own startup, Mevrex, which aimed to provide a platform for those who wanted to put their ideas into action.

Lakshay Jain’s great mind and how to develop to become the world’s best entrepreneur have resulted in a successful and exciting startup, making him one of the best young entrepreneurs in India. Lakshay Jain was created to inspire today’s teenagers.

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