Mohd Zaki – A 19 years old Young Digital Marketing Specialist and Entrepreneur

Mohd Zaki Digital is a young entrepreneur and chairman of Firenetinfotech (December 2019). His talent to make major breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, robotics and enterprise mobility. He is also called Mohd Zaki Digital Entrepreneur.

Zaki started out as a full-time student and completed his basic education at KDB Public School. He is currently pursuing B. Tech. You will be impressed by Zaki’s aspirations and inspiration as he owns many brands at a young age.

Mohd Zaki has been fond of the digital world since childhood. This is one of the main reasons the industry is doing so well. Zaki and his team currently serve more than 95 international customers.

The young entrepreneur helped during the corona pandemic. With his leadership skills, he recruits new talents and assigns them jobs according to their abilities. It’s not easy to train, especially today.

His Personal life

Mohd Zaki was born on November 7, 2002, in Ghaziabad. During Zaki’s years of schooling, he always wanted to be an entrepreneur. By the time Zaki was 17, he thought his mind was up to the challenge. According to him, the decision was easy to make. But at the same time, it is difficult.

Mohd Zaki’s Future plans

Zaki is thinking about building a factory to produce high-tech drones. The idea is under development but could be realized in 2022. In addition, Zaki plans to work at his foundation to help more children and others who are struggling with daily needs.

There was a time when students and young people were only concerned with public or private work. But everything changed because of inspiration like Mohd Zaki. He makes the right decisions and never feels unworthy. Zaki balances all the factors needed to start a business and here he is. The young man would not stop and he called that life.

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