In a village in Kerala, mysterious sounds are heard from the ground

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Kottayam (Kerala). Residents of a small village in Kerala’s Kottayam district became worried when they heard mysterious sounds coming from under the ground.

Residents of Kottayam’s Chenpadi village said they heard two loud noises in the early hours of Friday. He said that earlier this week, similar sounds were heard in and around the village. The villagers said that there is no change in the surrounding environment and only scientific study can tell that underground. What is the reason for such noise coming from .

Officials of the Kerala Department of Mines and Geology said that their expert team would soon inspect the area. A source in the department said that they had inspected the area earlier this week after hearing noises. Based on reports of hearing such loud noise again today, our experts will inspect the site again,” he told PTI.

He also said that the real reason for the repeated occurrence of such sounds from under the surface of the earth can be known only when a detailed scientific study is done by the Center for Earth Sciences (CES). We have our own limitations in analyzing this. There is volcanic activity, so we CES. has requested to visit the area and study it. He said that experts from Geology Department will visit the area again and try to analyze the details.


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