New tourist destination- Ayodhya: The city will host 1 lakh tourists in a day

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Family Vacations: Earlier only small hotels and dharamshalas were seen in the city but in few years luxury five star hotels have also shown interest in starting operations in the city.

Apart from this, big hotels and food chains of big brands are also looking for possibilities in Ayodhya and now preparations have started to establish them here.

In the next one to two years, Ayodhya is going to change completely as the entire surrounding area will be filled with temples.

After the construction of the huge temple is complete, the number of tourists from all over the world is set to increase. Considering this, hotels, restaurants, cinemas as well as shopping complexes are also looking for opportunities.

Many big companies have also bought land to expand their operations here.

If we look at the data for the year 2021 and 2022, about four crore pilgrims have come to Ayodhya. After the construction of the temple in 2024, this figure is estimated to reach close to 8 to 10 crores.

The government has also announced special subsidies for Dharamshalas to ensure adequate accommodation facilities for pilgrims in Ayodhya.

Many luxury hotels are being built in Ayodhya. The government has approved around 30 big hotels in the last month.

Local pre-built hotels are also being expanded. Ayodhya’s famous Panchsheel Hotel, which earlier had around 50 rooms, is now being constructed with 50 more rooms to make it a 100-room hotel.

Similarly, other hotels in Ayodhya are also increasing their capacity.

Ayodhya Municipal Corporation Commissioner Vishal Singh told IANS that a large number of people will come to Ayodhya as soon as the Ram temple opens for pilgrims and their accommodation will also be taken care of. For which a plan has been prepared and is being implemented.

According to Singh, a large number of hotels are to be built in Ayodhya, for which the tourism department has also made many changes in the tourism policy. The department has exempted hotels from paying development charges.

In the last one to one and a half months, the building plans of 30 hotels have been approved. Construction work has also begun, which is expected to be completed by December. Along with this, a study has also been done about the existing Dharamshalas and Guest Houses in Ayodhya. They are being upgraded.

The existing Dharamshalas and Guest Houses will be renovated and their special design will also be taken care of so that the pilgrims visiting here will get a better understanding of Ayodhya.

Also there are several ‘Panchayati Mandirs’ (ashrams) which are being renovated so that people can use them in the future.

A project to develop homestays has also been initiated. Under this, anyone who has a house with more than five rooms is being encouraged to make those rooms available to tourists by improving their capacity. About 6000 rooms will be made available for homestay from November to December.

“Apart from this, we are also building a tent city with 50 tents and the tender process for the same has been completed. We have also identified 150 hectares of land to build a large tent city on the lines of Banaras. Ram Mandir is completed, the number of pilgrims visiting Ayodhya will begin to increase and it will be the responsibility of the district administration to take special care of the accommodation, food and security of the pilgrims on their arrival.

The district administration and the municipal corporation are working on war footing to complete all the works on time.

Singh said that efforts are being made to ensure that the pilgrims coming here do not face any problem regarding accommodation and at least one lakh pilgrims can stay in the holy city.

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