Nirjala Ekadashi 2023: Check Dos and Don’ts on Bhimsen Ekadashi

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Nirjala Ekadashi, also known as Bhimsen Ekadashi, is an important Hindu fasting day celebrated on the 11th lunar day of the fortnight of the Hindu month Jayeshtha. The word “Nirjala” translates to “without water”, indicating the nature of the fast associated with this Ekadashi. Unlike other Ekadashis, where fasting involves abstinence from grains and certain food items, Nirjala Ekadashi is a complete fast without consuming water for 24 hours. It is considered one of the most difficult fasts.

Nirjala Ekadashi holds great spiritual significance for devotees who seek blessings, purification and liberation from the cycle of birth and death. It is believed that by observing this fast one can get the merits of all Ekadashis and get the grace of Lord Vishnu. Fasting is seen as an act of penance, self-discipline, and surrender to the divine.

Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind while celebrating Nirjala Ekadashi:

Nirjala Ekadashi: Do

– Abstain from consuming any food or water, day and night, strictly.

– Get up early in the morning and take a bath or shower to cleanse yourself.

– Do regular worship and prayers to Lord Vishnu, as Nirjala Ekadashi is dedicated to him. – Offer flowers, incense and fruits to the deity.

– Recite Vishnu Sahasranam (Thousand Names of Lord Vishnu) or other holy scriptures related to Lord Vishnu.

– Engage in meditation and spiritual activities to enhance your connection with the divine.

– Visit the nearby Vishnu temple and participate in special Ekadashi rituals and ceremonies.

– Practice acts of charity and kindness by helping the needy or donating to charitable organizations.

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Nirjala Ekadashi: Don’t

– Avoid consuming any kind of food or drink including water while fasting. This is the unique aspect of Nirjala Ekadashi.

– Refrain from engaging in any negative or harmful behavior, including lying, or getting into fights.

Avoid engaging in materialistic or worldly activities that may distract you from your spiritual pursuits.

– Do not consume alcohol, tobacco or any other drug while fasting.

Avoid engaging in excessive physical exertion or strenuous activities that may cause fatigue or dehydration.

Avoid consuming non-vegetarian food items or any food considered impure according to religious practices.

– Avoid eating grains and pulses on this day, as it is considered to increase the importance of fasting.

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