Nitish Kumar Mishra – Successful expert in the digital market, blogger, and e-commerce

Nitish Kumar Mishra, a 23 year old blogger and digital entrepreneur from New Delhi. Nitish started his career at the age of 18 and has written various technology blogs since then, and is also the founder of a technology blog called Gadgets To Live, where he and his team write about the latest technology. Nitish is also the founder of PRSN Media, which offers complete online marketing solutions to its customers.

The digital world is growing rapidly. Many brands and companies are focused on what makes life so comfortable for their consumers. Shopping for groceries, drugs, or ordering cinema tickets, flights, or services can be done via the Internet. However, due to competition in the market, it is not that easy for companies to move their brand to the digital world. This is where digital marketing roles come in like Nitish Kumar Mishra, who has helped more than 300 clients grow their businesses online.

Nitish Kumar Mishra Biography

Nitish Kumar Mishra was born in New Delhi and started his company PRSN Media when he received his bachelor’s degree from MDU Rohtak. He started his blogging journey at the age of 18 on Kumar Mishra’s Nitish Tech Blog. is the author of various technology blogs. After writing for many blogs, he started his blog “Gadget To Live” which was quite successful. After gaining experience in blogging and search engine optimization, he chose digital marketing. By learning the skills of implementing different strategies, he created his own path that became the reason for the growth of his clients.

The Nietzschean PRSN Media company offers digital marketing services such as social media advertising, Google Ads, branding, web development, application development, and many more. PRSN Media has worked with more than 300 subscribers. His company is well known for its YouTube promotion which allows many artists to develop in their fields.

He has been creative since childhood and always likes to experiment with new things. As a result, he decided to create an app on the Play Store, which became very popular. Apart from that, Nitish Kumar Mishra also manages an Indian e-commerce shop that is generating a lot of sales. She is very excited about her career and ambitions and looks forward to learning new skills regularly. He is truly the perfect inspiration, we wish him all the best in the future. You can link Nitish to his social media profiles.

Nitish Mishra’s history In Digital Marketing

Prior to entering digital marketing, Nitish was involved in blog creation and app development. He is the founder of the technology blog “Gadgets To Live”, where he and his team write about the latest technology on the market. There are 20+ live apps on the Google Play Store which work really well. Nitish is also into e-commerce where he does a lot of business. He has always believed that learning from failure is important.

Nitish Kumar Mishra
Nitish Kumar Mishra – Digital Marketer and well-known blogger

Nitish Kumar Mishra said, “When I was introduced to Computing & Business as a child, my interest in technology grew which made me pursue B. My technology was in Computer Science and Engineering, and my blogger career helped me a lot in developing my skills to reach the area. different. With him, I dream of owning my own company and seeing the boom in the digital marketing industry.

“I decided to do it. “

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/nitishkumar97/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/nitishkumar12/

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