No, Naga Chaitanya Is Not Moving Into A Home Owned By Tabu

Telugu actor Naga Chaitanya and his family don’t know whether to laugh, cry or sue for the misinformation and slander they’re facing ever since Chaitanya’s separation from his wife Samantha Ruth Prabhu.
The latest report to hit the Telugu press is that Chaitanya is moving into a new property that was formerly owned by Tabu.For those who came in late,Chaitanya’s father Nagarjuna and Tabu have been friends for decades.
However there is no truth in Chaitanya’s supposed relocation to property previously owned by Tabu.
A source very close to the family wonders where all the misinformation is coming from. “Both Chai(tanya) and Sam(antha) are being so civilized about their separation. Then why are people around them behaving like vultures? Recently there were reports that Sam’s hairdresser was getting death threats for supporting Sam, allegedly from Chai’s fans. Where are these death threats? Who is sending them? As for the report that Chai is moving into property owned earlier by Tabu, where did that come from?”
When I contacted Naga Chaitanya to ask him if he is moving into property formerly owned by Tabu he replied, “Not true at all.”
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