Oh Girl! A Sneak Peek To Alexandra Daddario’s Most Expensive Bags

A Goyard does not require attention; in fact, the 168-year-old French trunk and leather maker is known for staying beneath the radar and refusing to cater to the virtual market. So, when Alexandria Daddario’s green Goyard St.Louis tote bag got so much screen time on the season’s hottest programme, The White Lotus, pop culture was taken aback.
Daddario, who plays a struggling journalist (who married into significant wealth), wears her calfskin Goyard from the pool to the bar on her honeymoon. This highly wanted handbag has been one of the most redeeming luxury statements for the rich and famous, especially since obtaining a Goyard is a difficult task.
Even in this day of hyper-commercialization, the company nearly attempts to keep certain models out of reach. This is undoubtedly why everyone wants to be seen wearing one, from Meghan Markle to the Kardashians and Gauri Khan.
The brand’s heritage appeal and unwavering attitude on self-promotion surely help it, but it hasn’t completely distanced itself from modern design language. On The White Lotus, Alexandra Daddario’s character Rachel’s green leather tote bag had so much screen time that it deserved to be included in the opening credits.
That object was clutched by our favorite tortured mediocre blogger as if it held the nuclear launch codes. Tanya, played by Jennifer Coolidge, should have stored her mother’s ashes there instead—it would have been safer. Rosebud was less important to Citizen Kane than that green bag was to Rachel.
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