Boyfriend Arjun Kapoor breaks his silence on Malaika Arora’s pregnancy rumors with a message for trolls

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New Delhi: Bollywood’s most talked about couple Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora remain the topic of discussion almost every other day. Hogging the limelight for their outings, glam pictures or even personal vacations – fans want to dig up everything related to the gorgeous-looking duo. But often speculations about their upcoming wedding or recently about Malaika’s pregnancy are doing the rounds on social media. Reacting strongly to the rumours, Arjun hit back at the haters.

Arjun Kapoor on fake news

In his latest interview with Bollywood Bubble, Arjun Kapoor has reacted to such false reporting and how it affects the star couple. “It’s easy to do negativity. I think it makes people pay attention because it’s been building for a while. Listen, we’re actors, our personal lives aren’t always very private. There’s a certain amount of Which exists and you should be. Well that has already joined the profession,” he said.

Arjun Kapoor added, “Maybe that element remains but I think we rely on all of you to reach out to the audience. We all should at least be aware of the fact that we are human beings. Yes. So, check with us once. For a while if you’re going to write something that’s so important. At least do that and I think that was all I did. That was more about it. That it should be investigated; it shouldn’t be assumed. Time, I said we all learn. I’m hoping that maybe this is a step for me to have a better conversation with all of you. Making sure For these things not to happen because I never hid…” Acting suffers due to media outlets becoming more interested in other aspects such as “You can find jokes in a review to entertain people…”

Arjun Kapoor on Malaika Arora’s pregnancy news

For the uninitiated, last year, Arjun blasted a news site for fake news on Malaika’s pregnancy. On an Instagram story, she posted a screengrab of the report and wrote, “This is the lowest you could go and you did it by being casual, insensitive and downright unethical with trash news. This journalist regularly writing such articles on and getting away with it because we ignore these fake gossip articles while they spread in the media and become true. This is not done. How dare you play with our personal lives. Don’t.”

Malaika is currently dating Arjun Kapoor. She was previously married to actor-producer Arbaaz Khan but divorced in 2016. The couple has remained constant friends and is raising their son Arhaan Khan.

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