Purvang Shihora, Digital Expert and Entrepreneur from Gujarat

Purvang Shihora is an Indian entrepreneur, digital marketer, blogger, web developer, social media expert. He was born and raised in Viramgam city of Gujarat, India.

Purvang Shihora began his first journey as a hacker, social media, and web developer. He has successfully established himself as a professional in this area. As a rule, the student studies their respective subject and curriculum at the age of 18, but today Purvang is a young entrepreneur of 18 years who works as a digital influencer, he does very well in his job as an influencer of social networks, and he is too an expert in ethical hacking is an inspiration for young people, with his job he also manages his studies, from an early age he was very curious about digital things.

Purvang Shihora Motivation toward Digital Marketing and Development from School Days

In his high school education, he began developing and managing a social network, digital marketing, and web development. Purvang has always been average as a studio and has always been on the average student list, but his goal was to set himself apart and always wanted to learn something beyond the school curriculum, Purvang does not focus solely on the school curriculum, he wants to set some goals. He also has experience managing and managing a number of clientele’s social media platforms.

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Rahul Tarar

Rahul Tarar is a 22 years Old Indian digital marketer and digital entrepreneur and graduates from Chandigarh university.

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