Rajasthan: Highman’s big statement amid discussions of Pilot leaving Congress, after hearing which even Sachin himself will become…

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Internet desk. Five months are now left for the assembly elections in Rajasthan. But in the meantime, various discussions going on in the party regarding the pilot are not taking the name of ending. Along with this, the discussion of the pilot leaving the party is also going on with a lot of grief. But the pilot himself has also refused for this.

On the other hand, if the media reports are to be believed, the pilot has also spoken to the general secretary of the Congress organization, KC Venugopal, over the phone. Information in this regard has been given by KC Venugopal himself. Venugopal has dismissed the talk of Pilot leaving the party as mere rumours.

During the conversation with the media, Venugopal said that he had a conversation with Sachin Pilot on June 5 only. Meanwhile, the pilot did not give any indication that he was going to leave the party. Venugopal said that the Congress high command has worked to resolve the entire dispute.


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