Rani Mukherjee loves being a part of stories where women break the glass ceiling

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New Delhi: Actress Rani Mukherjee’s choice of films and roles has always been a topic of discussion. For the actress, we are still in a work-in-progress society as she feels that there is still a lot to be achieved to build a nation that celebrates the achievements of women. Rani says she wants to do her bit by choosing roles that show women taking on patriarchy and winning against it.

Rani said, “I love being a part of stories where a woman is an agent of change, where a woman is strong enough to take on the system and change it for good and where a woman takes on the patriarchy. If you dare, you call it the glass ceiling and break it with your ambition and talent. These are the roles I naturally gravitate to because I always want to show women as strong independent builders of our nation.

Rani revealed that her all-time favorite film is the cult classic Mother India – a film that has been categorized as one of the best representations of womanhood in world cinema.

She added, “Since I was a child, my favorite film has been and remains Mother India and this film shows the integrity of a woman despite her circumstances and the pressures our society places on women. I have always loved such films. Inspired to play the role because women should be celebrated for all the silent bravery they do in everyday life.

Rani’s last film, Mrs. Chatterjee vs. Norway (MCVN) became a smash hit in theaters and ended the narrative that audiences only want to consume films with content on OTT. Rani says she was always sure that audiences would want to see a bold women’s story in theatres.

He said, “Watch MCVN, this girl’s courage is beyond imagination as she took on the entire country for her children and she won! That resonated intensely with people and the result is for everyone to see! Socially relevant films like MCVN are made to hopefully bring about a change in society. We are aware of many cases of Indian parents abroad who have been separated from their children. If our film can help these parents in any way to bring more awareness to this global issue, it will be all worth it.”

“I want to tell the stories of other such women on screen in my career. I feel good to tell the world to pay attention to Indian women. They are made of a rare substance that needs to be recognised,” he quipped.

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