Rohtak Murder Case: 4 murder Accused Abhishek alias Monu want to go abroad after changing gender

In this case, the police have made an important and big disclosure. Police said that the accused Abhishek is gay and wanted to flee abroad after marrying his friend, he was repeatedly demanding five lakh rupees from the family members for gender change.

According to police sources, accused Abhishek was doing cabin crew course from Delhi. During this, accused Abhishek was trying to change his gender. He was demanding five lakh rupees from the family members. The family had given a Honda City car, Apple’s expensive mobile to Abhishek.

Police investigation has revealed that no such dispute is coming to the fore regarding the property. Abhishek was not much worried about the property, instead he wanted to live with his friend, the family was opposing this and the family members had got the idea to change the gender.

Even before the murder, Abhishek had stayed in the hotel with his friend for two days. It is being told that a tattoo of a young man’s name was also made on Abhishek’s chest, when the family members saw him, he was reprimanded.

Police investigation has revealed that about a month and a half ago, Monu was reprimanded by the family members for having a relationship with his friend. He was even beaten up by his father Bablu Pehalwan. He was unable to tolerate these habits of the only son. But Monu was furious after the beating of the family. He got a friend’s name tattooed on his chest a month ago.

On August 25, his maternal grandmother also came home to explain. But Monu left the house saying good and bad to everyone. He stayed with his friend from Uttarakhand in a hotel in the city for 2 days. However, he had told this to the family members over the phone. But, on August 27, he came home at 11:00 am and went back to the hotel after committing the crime.

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