Salman Khan’s Uber Luxury Farmhouse Is Everyone’s Dream: Things You Want To Know

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One of the most famous celebrities of Bollywood is Salman Khan. His admiration and love among film fans is absolutely unmatched. We have seen him amass a lot of achievements over the years, be it by producing blockbuster movies or buying lavish houses and expensive vehicles. One such place is the actor’s beloved Panvel farmhouse, where he can relax and rejuvenate.

Bollywood actor ‘Bhaijaan’ often posts snaps and views of his stunning Panvel property. Salman enjoys spending time at this farmhouse, which he has named ‘Arpita Farms’ after his sister. We can only imagine how delightful it feels to live here, in the middle of nature, with so many wonderful luxuries to enjoy.

Salman spent time at Panvel Farm House in 2020, a time when the entire world was on lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. While here, he posted a variety of pictures and videos capturing his daily activities. The Khan family’s ideal vacation residence has three bungalows, a horse-riding rink, a state-of-the-art gym, and a swimming pool.

Check out these luxury amenities of Bollywood’s Bhaijaan

gymnasium: Salman Khan also makes frequent use of the well-stocked gym at his holiday home. Salman, who owns fitness companies like SK27 Gym and Being Strong Fitness Equipment, has set aside a specific area of ​​his home to exercise.

swimming pool: A resort-style pool at the farmhouse is one of the highlights of this property. The large swimming pool has beautiful rock carvings and a Buddha statue lying on the ground on one side and chairs and tables beside the pool where the actors are often seen relaxing.

Farming: Salman Khan took a break from his Mumbai home in 2020 and spent a lot of time in the countryside at his Panvel estate during the lockdown. He uploaded pictures and videos of his daily life there and in one video, where he tried his hand at farming, he expressed his respect for the local farmers. The actor is shown laboring on a rice paddy field, in a field amidst breathtaking natural beauty.

horses: Salman Khan is known for his love of animals, and his property includes a stable and an equestrian arena. Salman can be seen spending a lot of time with horses in his videos and pictures. These four-legged critters make Salman’s stay at the farmhouse more memorable, from feeding them on schedule to taking them for rides.

At the first opportunity, the actor escapes to his Panvel farmhouse, whether he needs a break from business or wants to spend some alone time to refresh his body and soul. He spends a lot of time there and is often seen lounging by the pool or on the porch. Salman spent some time at the farm during Holi this year.

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