Samad Khan – A Young Profesional Ethical Hacker and Entrepreneur

Samad Khan is an engineer and entrepreneur by profession from Hyderabad. He is a skilled ethical hacker who has worked as a technologist for a well-known local news network Gekza. Samad’s current entrepreneurial project is a news platform covering many topics.

Starting from lifestyle, technology, food, travel and fashion. Gekza uses automated technology to present the latest updates from all news sites in one platform and offers direct input from editorial sources. It has a unique feature: selected published authors and journalists can register and also post their valuable news for publication on the website.

Samad Khan Journey in Ethical Hacking From 2006

Samad’s interest in technology started at a young age. He has been practising ethical hacking since 2006 and is also a certified professional in it. His first profits came from Booters, a software he developed at the age of 17 that converts maximum characters into chat, an emoji tool for controlling one’s Yahoo Messenger. Booters’ success increased his interest in ethical hacking and motivated him to practice more with practical knowledge.

After trying to develop an ethical hacking tool for Yahoo Messenger, his interests turned to penetration testing.

Samad Khan Founder of Ethical Hacking Company “”

In 2018 he founded the ethical hacker company, which presented the penetration project.

He started teaching ethical hacking and cybersecurity to enthusiastic young people. It aims to create awareness and benefit from the students by equipping them with knowledge and teaching about ethical hacking and the importance of cybersecurity in business. The response to his lessons has been great / He has taught over 300 students so far.

Now He is Working on Gekza News Portal

Samad is currently working on Gekza, a news portal that he believes will change the way news is communicated and presented to readers. He founded Gekza after decades of experience working with journalists to bring consolidated, verified and authentic information to the public.

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Rahul Tarar

Rahul Tarar is a 22 years Old Indian digital marketer and digital entrepreneur and graduates from Chandigarh university.

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