Selmon Bhoi Game: Mumbai Civil Court Blocks Game after Actor Salman Khan’s Case

To relieve actor Salmna Khan, a civil court in Mumbai has ordered temporary restrictions on access to online game selmon bhoi which was based on hit and run case.

Based on the alleged beating case, the game is named Selmon Bhoi, Selmon Go. This game is developed by Parody Studios Pvt Ltd. and also available on the App Store. The description reads: “Accompany Selmon Bhoy and his driver in their mission: kill.”

The court granted temporary waivers to the actor, ruling that “the actor’s image will be damaged”. The court also advised that game creators not distribute, release, continue and recreate any games or other content related to the actor.

In particular, Khan was acquitted of all charges by the Bombay Supreme Court in the 2015 murder.

“If you look at the game and the pictures, it is prima facie identical to the identity of the plaintiff (Khan) and the ‘escape and escape’ case involving the plaintiff,” the court said.

“If the plaintiff does not give his consent for the development of the game, which is very similar to his identity and legal proceedings against him, his right to privacy will inevitably be deprived of and his image will also be damaged,” the order reads.

The actor has filed one final lawsuit against the game’s creators, claiming that the names and images featured in the game are cartoons.

“Game developers willfully take commercial advantage by using our customers’ personal rights without obtaining our customers’ consent,” the actor said in a statement.

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